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The main attraction DJ Ak-Shun
for your pleasure or your leisure
Try to match the scratch and you will end up in a seizure
Strain upon your brain, you can't contain the plain fact
That if you tried to cut this hard I bet your record would crack

Or either break,

what does it take to make your hair-do
I have to put a speaker to your ear for you
to say,
"Hey, I like the way the deejay is playin"
Cause that's what you'll be sayin
You'll say, "I want a deejay just like that one"
(Inside di action)
(I want action)
I'm Special Ed, my deejay's name is Ak-Shun
Put together we're two, yet we're both number one
Cause Ak-Shun got the scratchin, as well as the catch
And I the funky super psychodelic words that match
And we're the best at what we do, in our professions we're the highest
Is it understood, we're very good, if not, try us
One thing to know if you decide to disprespect
Is if you're weak

we reserve the right to reject

We don't waste time with toys or weak crews
want to rhyme, get in the line, I take you out by the twos

And Ak-Shun, try to battle him, you're gonna need luck
He's a destroyer, he'll destroy ya, make ya self-destruct
like a bomb into pieces, so then
Superglue couldn't put you back together again
And oh, by the way, you say you want satisfaction
Well, all you had to say was

(I want action)
(I want action)

What a man, it's Ak-Shun that remarkable man
If you heard that he could do it, he can do it, he can
If you heard it, if you word it with your lips, what I mean
Is that he cuts so clean, you would think he was a dream
You had, the man is bad, yet the man is not a nightmare
I don't think that it's right or rather quite fair
To a new deejay, you '86er
You can't be the man who was born on a mixer
If you think you broke a record, Ak-Shun is the fixer
If you need a remedy, Ak-Shun uv is the elixir
Cause if he picks her, then he gets her and he sticks her
On to the record player and then he licks her
Fingertip for more attraction
And then he makes her say
(I want action)

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Special Ed Ak Shun
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