inhale, exhale Mp3

Nao - Inhale Exhale Lyric

Running out of luck
Take me to the church and back again
Without tripping up
Search the wild until I'm found again
If you've had enough

Lose me to the fire and take me in
I can't get enough
And I'm not going to hide
So many reasons
Why you're better off
You've seen the madness
Blind to right or wrong
I tried to put my brakes on

But I'm already lost

Lost to the madness
Cause when I inhale, exhale
I'm back again
Glass empty or full
Quench my thirsty tongue, I'm drinking it
Master of my school

Break the rules until I'm linking them
It's me, it's not you

I can't get enough, I'm swimming in
Oceans old and new
I'm not going to lie
It's your decision
I'm already lost
Don't try to reason
By the time I inhale, exhale
I'm back again
Lost to the fire
Heartache, madness
Find me deep in the ocean
Wild, harmless
Pull me out of the river
Heartache, sadness
Find me deep in the ocean
Cause when I inhale, exhale
I'm back again

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