Tynisha Keli - Inhale Exhale (HQ) Mp3

Tynisha Keli - LET IT GO Lyric

i took down the pictures of you and me
and i changed the locks on my door
don't wanna see your name on my phone when it rings
and i don't dream about you no more
( i can't believe)
i held on for so long
knowing that you moved on
the only thing that's left for me to do is

Let It Go
Movin on
feelins gone
i can see the light now
I'm free from all the pain that comes with lovin ya
Let It Go
Took control
now i know
my future's starting right now
i finally closed that book forevers gone its over now

it broke my heARt to watch you through it all away
There was nothing i wanted more
devastated waited patiently
only to find i'm over it
don't die without you no more
(now i'm free)
from all the lies you told
now that i'm on my own
i am so thankful its the end of the road

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Tynisha Keli - Inhale Exhale (HQ)
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